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🔊The farm is becoming a special destination for a very unique reason. Couples are flocking to barns to get MARRIED! 👰 🤵 Stephanie Allen and her husband have been organic produce farmers for seven years. This past year they added a new piece to their business - an event space especially tailored for the booming wedding business. Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Samantha Jean sat down with Stephanie to learn more about "The Barn" at Allenbrooke Farms . Listen now. #tnmagicmoments https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/…
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May your holidays be full with the magic moments agriculture brings to our lives.
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How is agriculture a part of your holiday season? A few UT students shared their holiday traditions with us (turn on your sound to listen). Is it a special holiday meal? Is your tradition heading out to a tree farm with the family to find the perfect 🎄? How about sharing a cup of hot cider with a good friend? The holidays are full of traditions that have their roots in agriculture. We want to know yours. Share it with us with #tnmagicmoments . Let’s celebrate together.
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It’s December! This month’s newsletter is all about holiday flavor and feelings of cozy. We hope you are subscribed. If not, email us at team@tnmagicmoments.com. #tnmagicmoments #hygge #happyholidays
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#Repost @picktnproducts (@get_repost) ・・・ If you love a chocoholic, you know how important it is to get them their fix… do it in style with @nashville_chocolate_and_nut candy! #30daysofthanks #picktnproducts #tnmagicmoments
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#Repost @thenutrisha (@get_repost) ・・・ ((( more photos at @thenutrisha )))) Want to find more ways to use sprouts ? Tonight my class used 4 types of @bloomsburyfarm sprouts and shared how their dish can be applied to a special diet. Last lab before finals begin 👏👏👏
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We are thankful for the farmers that make holidays like this magical and shared meals possible. We are also thankful for the community of #tnmagicmoments posters who help us spread the word and share how ag influences their lives. . #Repost @sgharbison (@get_repost) ・・・ Harb’s masterpiece. A few weeks ago I let him go into the store to get the bird—by himself #shouldhaveknownbetter. He came out with biggest bird in the store—a 25 pounder. I just asked why he wanted to get it: “because I can —and by golly I did!” #gobigorgohome I am eternally grateful for this crazy man. #thanksgiving #tnmagicmoments #thoseharbisons
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#Repost @picktnproducts (@get_repost) ・・・ @nashvillejamco has a delicious assortment of jams… just the thing for spreading on biscuits on Christmas morning! Make sure to grab a few jars as stocking stuffers! #30daysofthanks #picktnproducts #tnmagicmoments
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#Repost @thenutrisha (@get_repost) ・・・ Turnip the Christmas music! Cooking is more of arts and crafts to me, really 😂 what do you make with carrot tops? #radish #turnip #carrots #christmastree #wreath #tnmagicmoments


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