TN Magic Moments Podcast!

TN Magic Moments Podcast!

Jan 31, 2019

029: WHY I FARM: Commissioner Charlie Hatcher DVM

028: A Sustainable Holiday

027: From the Battlefield to the Farm

026: The Next Generation of Ag

025: Tennessee Trees: Meet our New State Forester and Wildland Fire Chief

024: Cultivation Meets urbanization

023: Commissioner Jai Templeton on the Business of Agriculture

022: A Product of Youth

021: Dairy to Berry

020: April Showers Bring Rain Gardens

019: Lost Weekend Farm

018: Sustainable Beef Initiative

017: Wedding Bells at the Farm

016: The Flavors of the Season

015: Choosing Home for the Holidays

014: The Story of Cotton

013: Fair Season Comes to Tennessee

012: When a Chef Moves to the Farm