Consider Your Magic Moments 

There are moments that make up a life. Some simple. Others extraordinary. It is these moments that transcend the ordinary to touch our hearts.  They bring us together. Connect us to nature and our roots. Make us feel alive.

It’s magic. It’s where our lives intersect with something our modern society has almost forgotten.

Agriculture. It feeds us. Clothes us. Shelters us.

Today, we see the apple, but not the apple tree and the farmer who planted and nurtured it to fruition.  We covet the wood flooring in luxury housing, but ignore the forest. The water flowing from our kitchen tap quenches our thirst without a thought to the flowing river.

Agriculture provides the magic that transforms a wedding into a celebration toasted with champagne and wedding cake. It brings a smile on a first date in the form of an unforgettable dinner. It can make us hold our breath as the first pitch is thrown to our child at bat in her championship game.

Tennessee’s farmers, forest managers, gardeners, botanists, scientists, and professors connect our world to agriculture in vast and unexpected ways. 

It is these instances of connection we call our magic moments. 

The Governor’s Challenge

In 2013, Governor Bill Haslam issued a 10-Year Rural Strategic Challenge for our state. While this challenge highlights a number of initiatives, an underlying theme is the need to increase awareness of agriculture and forestry and the industry’s contributions to the health and economy of the state of Tennessee. The Governor’s Rural Challenge provides the platform for bringing the agricultural message to non-agriculturalists, and this includes all citizens of Tennessee

How You Can Be a Part of the Moment

Consider this. What would your life be like without agriculture’s indelible footprint? Think about your beautiful flower garden. And precious time with your pet. How about the safe and affordable delicacies we buy to eat? Without ag, would you be able to enjoy those magic moments in your life?

Take the time to consider them. And pass them along.

Join us as we uncover the magic of Tennessee agriculture in all our lives. Remember our roots and discover the future of agriculture. 

When you take that photo and get ready to share it with friends on social media, add something else. Tell them how that moment would have no magic without ag.

Share with us your magic moments.

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